There are two distinct seasons in Broome: the wet season and dry season. The dry season in Broome brings beautiful weather: gorgeous clear skies, warm sunny days and balmy nights. The dry season begins in April/May each year and runs until October/November. Temperatures are in the range of 20’s to 30’s with very little rainfall during this period.

As Broome’s dry season coincides with the south of Australia’s winter, Broome has always been the perfect escape for those wanting to get out of the Aussie winter and experience the gorgeous Broome weather. Who wouldn’t want to disappear from the city and relax on Beach while everyone else is in the cold?

With the warm Broom weather, there is plenty to see and do around town. There are some great sightseeing tours operating during the dry season, or you can hire a car and see the beautiful sights for yourself! If you want to see more of the Kimberley, why not book a cruise and see the Kimberley’s best kept secrets for yourself. During the dry season the waterfalls are flowing, the gorges are full and you can experience the untouched wilderness that makes the Kimberley one of the most stunning places on the planet. If you want to sit back and relax, Cable Beach is a must-see for its sunsets and sprawling white sand.

The wet season in Broome brings in some extreme weather: very hot temperatures, tropical humidity with some amazing lightning storms! While the Broome weather in the wet season can get pretty hairy, the sunsets are absolutely amazing. During this time the town is less busy, so it is a great time to relax, unwind and go at your own pace. Enjoy the many restaurants and bars Broome has to offer, stroll along beach or visit the Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Park just out of town. 

As the Broome weather and ocean heats up, the Irukandji and Box Jellyfish arrive. You will find these guys mostly around Cable Beach but be warned you might have to stick to your swimming pool during this period. If you love the ocean, there are beaches north of Broome that are safe all year round!

Some extreme weather has occurred from time to time throughout Broome’s history, giving Broome some devastating stories that will always be remembered. One of the most severe tropical cyclones to hit the west Kimberley region in the last 100 years was TC Rosita in April 2000.

The small but powerful category 5 cyclone crossed the coast 40kmsouth of Broome. The most hazardous winds missed Broome by 15km but some sever damage was seen at Eco Beach resort and Thangoo and Yardoogarra Stations.