If you’re a big fan of water adventures such as scuba diving, fishing or snorkelling, then you’ll love Broome! As Broome has some of the most wonderful weather conditions to allow you to enjoy these activities. These activities can be done at Cable Beach or by taking a boat trip off of Broome.

You can go with a fishing tour on a half day trip or full day trip to go catch some fishes. It’ll no doubt be a thrilling few hours of some serious fishing. If you prefer, you could also try out creek or reef fishing.

If you’re someone that prefers a more hands-on approach of exploring the ocean and surroundings, then scuba diving may be the one for you. Get your wetsuit suited up, and get ready to dive into the ocean to explore everything Broome has to offer. From magnificently clean water to flourishing underwater creatures. It’ll be an experience that you won’t forget and regret. We recommend bringing your own gear, unless you want to hire them on the spot.

Snorkelling with the kids or by yourself, can be another fun adventure to do in Broome. Bring some snorkels and get exploring! Meet all kinds of little critters hiding in the ocean, and have fun!

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John Mellow

John is a 23-year-old student who enjoys theatre, bargain hunting and travelling. He was born and raised in Broome, but has recently moved to Syndey to pursue his dreams of being a software engineer.